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Trafictours features luxury transportation services to better serve and assist your VIP’s. Remember that we are your destination experts and that we will take care of every detail to make you look fantastic.

We provide ground transportation from the airport to the resort and back… Be sure to brief your customers so that their arrival process runs smoothly.

Once they arrive and deplane, they must proceed to the immigration area with all paperwork properly filled out and signed.

Once they’ve passed immigration they must head over to the conveyer belt to pick up their luggage. Very important to let the clients know that should there be a problem with their luggage (lost or damaged), we will always wait until we have greeted the final passenger from that flight and to not worry, we will assist them afterwards in order to retrieve any lost pieces.

They will proceed to walk towards the customs area (red and green light). The light is for random checking. Should they get the red light their suitcases will be searched. Should the get the green light then they will proceed to exit the terminal

Once they start walking towards the exit where the Trafictours representatives are, they will have to go down a hall and will be approached by people claiming to be their representatives or transport company. Once again the clients must understand that these are people trying to sell timeshare. If they are interested then they must make sure that they let us know that they are there and that they will take care of the clients’ transportation to the hotel.

If the clients continue walking, they will find us located outside the main terminal holding a sign with the groups Logo and VIP’s name on it.