Available in Los Cabos


This adventure takes you on a voyage of discovery as you journey away from the tourist areas and delve deeper into the outback of the Baja Peninsula. Head to the beach for a magni cent camel ride overlooking the Paci c Ocean and enjoy the refreshing sea breeze and crashing waves before posing for an unforgettable “Camel Kiss” photo. Savour a completely authentic Mexican meal while sipping refreshing beverages at a hilltop “casita” overlooking the ocean. Complete your adventure with an interactive tortilla-making class and unforgettable Tequila tasting.




A secret recipe chicken “mole”, full of regional avours and spices; Fresh beef shredded with organic vegetables; Traditional cactus salad; Home-made salsas, tasty refried Mexican-style beans, handmade tortillas and Tequila tasting. Transportation is subject to availability.




Light clothes, athletic shoes, sun block lotion, sunglasses.




Expecting mothers, people with neck, back or spine injuries, recent surgery, asthma conditions, history of convulsions, vertigo. Weight limit 220 lbs., minimum age 3 years.